Wooden Big Dump Truck

Wooden Big Dump Truck - ecological and tactile toy for your child from the Ukrainian brand Lislis. Handmade, does not contain varnishes, paints and other harmful substances. The truck has a platform with sides and removable doors, for more comfortable transportation of 16 wooden blocks.

Big Dump truck likes to travel with toy passengers in search of adventures. Would you make him a company?

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Značka: Lislis
2 065 Kč
Kategorie: Děti

◆ ecological and tactile toy for your baby
◆ box contains truck, semitrailer and a garage + 16 wooden blocks
◆ appropriate for ages 1 to 3 years
◆ beautifully finished, sanded wooden toy, made from alder, walnut and beech

Dimensions of the garage 336 × 109 × 120 mm
Overall dimensions 326 × 75 × 83 mm
Material 1st quality wood (alder, walnut)
Weight 1,4 kg